Aposematism is the term to describe the use of bright colouration to advertise that an organism is dangerous or unpalatable.


This kind of colouration is for sure an eye-catcher and this is exactly what I want to show. Of course, my idea is not keeping people from wanting my clothes but instead, falling in love with it. I would say that my form of showing aposematism is an inverted effect which I call “Aponunism”.


Not all the aposematic species are poisonous. For some of them aposematism works as protection. To big predators they mean danger. This is what I want people to feel when they see women wearing my collection. I want people to feel respect and admire the confident, tall and beautiful women. 


Inspired by many different aposematic species, architecture and design, I came up with the idea of  creating the prints for two of my fabrics. Mixing the prints with black, off-white and the changing play colours of sequin fabrics, never forgetting yellow which became my favourite colour during this process - I personalised  my collection by calling it Nunism.


By researching Aposematic species, we come across print combinations that many would not dare  to combine: it’s an extraordinary power of nature, so perfect, so clean, so beautiful, yet so dangerous.